The Sundering has drawn to a close, and the world of Faerun is greatly changed. Since the Time of Troubles, Faerun has played host to warring gods, the violent unmaking of the magical Weave, the cataclysmic merging of two long-separated planets, and more.

At long last the Weave, the tapestry of power that binds all magic together, is rewoven. The planets Abeir and Toril are once more split, leaving the face of Faerun closer to what it was before the Spellplague reshaped both worlds, as well as their inhabitants. The heavens themselves are reordered by the hand of Ao. Dead gods and ancient heroes are returning, and with them Faerun has begun to resemble the previous century, before Ao threw the gods down from their heavenly halls.

And in the small town of Phandalin, a business opportunity, old friendships, and the pull of fate has gathered together a small band of mercenaries, agents of the gods, and folk heroes.

They will be tested by monsters and magicians, guided by fate through a crucible of bloodshed and intrigue, forging them in the fires of adversity, shaping them into true heroes.

Or, at least, more capable mercenaries.

Five Swords from Neverwinter